The Carter Effect: How to Flip Your Pain Into Profit

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The power of flipping pain into profit

Flipping pain into profit is actually a thing. But often people think of the term flipping in relation to houses, cars and furniture. Where you buy low, fix it up and sell high for a profit. Breaking news, flipping is no longer just for houses, cars or furniture. You can flip your breakup. In other words, you can flip your pain into profit. What if you could flip your pain into profit? Seriously, like cash money, moolah baby (in my Lil Wayne voice).

It is not out of the question or that far fetched. Celebrities have been doing it for a minute. Taylor Swift, Adele, Khloe Kardashian, Mariah Carey to name a few. But the couple that has taken flipping your pain into profit to a whole new level, a whole new galaxy is Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Yes, with the release of their latest collaboration they’ve done just that. They’ve literally made 100s of millions of dollars off their relationship woes. When I say they have profited big time from their pain that is no exaggeration. 

Beyonce and Jay- Z's Pain into Profit Timeline

Everything is Love is the final installment of the Carter Trilogy. In 2016 Beyoncé dropped Lemonade which some were saying was the release after learning of Jay-Z’s infidelity. In 2017 Jay-Z came with 4:44 which was dubbed the repentance or Jay-Z’s apology to Bey for cheating on her. Fast forward to 2018 and we have Everything is Love which we can say is the reconciliation. We can’t stop there, we need to fill in the gaps.

Pain into Profit Timeline Breakdown & Receipts

To recap and fill in the gaps, it all started with the now infamous Solange Elevator-gate beat down over Jay-Z’s alleged cheating on Beyoncé. That was followed by On the Run Tour I. Like a “crouching tiger, hidden dragon” Beyoncé airs the couple’s dirty laundry with Lemonade. Lemonade gave birth to The Formation Tour. In response to Lemonade Jay-Z came with 4:44 as a public apology to Bey and the Beyhive. He then does The 4:44 Tour. While the two of them are on the On the Run Tour II they drop their long-anticipated surprise collab album Everything is Love. Basically, telling the world they made it through the worst of it.

The Pain into Profit Numbers Don’t Lie

With their marriage all but dismantled and rocked to the foundation they still managed to flip their pain into profit. Clearly the numbers substantiate that. The On The Run Tour I made 100 million dollars; Lemonade grossed 2.5 million dollars; The Formation Tour brought in 256 million dollars; 4:44 numbers not found; The 4:44 Tour took in a cool 48.7 million; Then Bey owned Coachella for an easy 3 – 4 million; Everything is Love and The On The Run Tour II numbers are not in yet! This works about to a conservative estimate of 410 million dollars. This does not include TV HBO specials, merch or any other income they received outside of album and tour sales. The bottom line is they managed to flip their pain into profit to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Facts!

Flipping pain into profit requires taking control of your chaos

The key is to take control of your chaos and use it to your advantage. The Carters are a classic example of how you take control of the chaos and profit. That’s exactly what I did. I can’t rap like Jay-Z and I can’t sing like Beyoncé. What I can do is flip my pain into profit too. Now, it won’t be at their scale or level. But as Cardi B says, “I'd rather have money and be broken-hearted than be broke and broken-hearted.” Facts!

How to Flip Your Pain Into Profit

 Here's how you can flip your pain into profit even if you're not a celebrity.

  1. Decide that you want to profit from your pain.
  2. Determine what you can do to profit from your pain. Examine your gifts, skills and passions. For example, sell on Amazon or eBay, create eCommerce store, make and sell crafts, freelance, coach, consult, write a book, start a blog, run errands or complete tasks for profit, become a virtual assistant etc.
  3. Delve into your options. In other words do your research.
  4. Design a plan of how you will profit. I like to call it your "path to profit"
  5. Develop a solid game plan of exactly what you need to do to get things off the ground.
  6. Do what you say you're going to do and get it done.

Flipping your pain into profit is not just for celebrities

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be Jay and Bey to flip your pain into profit. Nor do you need to have multi-million-dollar empires, tours, streams, albums or merch. You don’t need none of that. If you’ve experienced pain, you qualify . Jay-Z and Beyoncé along with the other celebs have proven that it’s possible to flip your pain into profit. Like I always say, just show me possible and I’ll figure out the rest. I will do what works for my situation and circumstance. How do you see yourself flipping your pain into profit? Drop a comment below and let us know.

Upcoming Book Coming Soon!

I will be publishing my first book later on this year. I used to worry about what people would think, but now I believe that someone out there needs my book and is waiting for my book. If my book helps one person then I have succeeded and this journey will have been so worth it. My book will go into more detail about finding your power and purpose through your pain. I am writing this book because my story matters and words change lives. STAY TUNED!