Breakup Bye! How To Breakup With Your Breakup

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Breakup Bye For Real This Time

Breakup bye! It' s time to own it, be over it and move on from it. Breakups are tough. They do a number on us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. There is never an easy way to let go.

Moving on can be hard. Some people can move on fast, others take years to move on and some never do. So you just have to set a time frame and then say, "breakup bye". Yes, breakup bye. Because when you hold on to the breakup and keep reliving and recycling it, it keeps you from living your life and moving forward. And the kicker is your ex has probably moved on with someone else and is living their best life. That's just facts. It sucks. Trust me I know. Been there, done that. 

Now that I'm older, I've decided to take the bada$$ approach to breakups. Because your girl just doesn't have time for all that other stuff. I've got goals and dreams to catch up on and I'm sure you do too. Let's get it! Here are 6 steps to specifically help you  break up with your breakup and say breakup bye! Cause we both know it's time.

Step 1

In order to say breakup bye, the first step is to acknowledge your breakup. You had a breakup, but you are not your breakup. Your breakup doesn't define you. Think of your breakup  as happening for you and not to you.

Breakups are not pleasant, but they happen. The key is how you move on from them. The bottom-line is you have the choice of how you move on. And that is bada$$! The choice is yours. Because the thing with breakups is that you cannot change what you don't acknowledge. 

Until you get real and truthful with yourself with what has happened things will remain the same. So, you'll keep making excuses and you'll keep getting caught up in your feelings and nothing will change. So today, affirm, "I am not my breakup!"

Step 2

You need to accept that your relationship is over. Trying to hold on to a relationship that you know in your heart is over and has been for some time is beyond counter productive. It's like trying to chase your shadow. Yeah! You can't get back wasted time. Big facts! Because, time waits for no one.

Here's the thing when you accept that it is over, you give your brain something else to focus on. It also helps you to start moving on. When you spend your time thinking about, wondering, waiting and hoping you end up wasting more time. Plus, holding patterns are for airplanes, not people. I know, accepting that your relationship is over is not easy. It's difficult at best and excruciatingly painful.

But you want to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself,  "what is it costing you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially to hold on to your breakup and to someone who doesn't want you?" It's a painful reality. But you have to move on. So affirm, "I accept that my relationship is over and I am moving on with strength and grace."

Step 3

You want to create new routines and rituals. You go from spending almost all your time with this other person to being single again. Not an easy transition. Trying to find a new normal does not have to be difficult. The key is establishing your own flow again after your breakup. When you create your own routines and rituals you don't default to the old habits and patterns that can keep you trapped and stuck. And no one wants to be chained to old habits!

You want to figure out what you love doing and create a new routine that nourishes you on all levels. Do you like prayer, meditation, gratitude, visualization, affirmations, journaling, exercise, inspirational reading, goal setting? Find what works for you. Because you don't want to live your life in the past. Your relationship is over. Face facts and keep it moving. Time to say breakup bye and do things differently. So you can have different in your life. Because you deserve better. And you know it.

Step 4

The old dream you once had from before your breakup has expired. You want to have a new bigger, bolder vision for your life and a strong and powerful why. This gives your life clarity and direction. It focuses you and shifts your priorities back on to you.

Knowing your big why will make you more determined to go after your goals. It gives you something to work towards and allows you to use your gifts to contribute to the world and to help others. Which allows you to make a big difference and impact with your life.

There's a bigger and greater reason for your breakup. And when you realize what that is your life will change in ways that you could never imagine. I know mine has.  Ask yourself the following questions 1) What do you want to do and give in life, what do you want to have and receive in your life, what do you want to feel and experience in your life, and who do you want to be and become in your life? Take some time to reflect on and answer these questions. The answers just might surprise you. Because you and I both know you are meant for more than what you are currently experiencing.

Step 5

Goals are the guideposts to your vision. They mark the very first step to achieving your big vision. Think of goals as giving you clarity, guidance and directions almost like a roadmap. They order your path to your vision. Goals really light the way to your vision and are the fuel for achieving your vision.

At the end of the day your goals move you toward your bigger vision. And they lay the course you will take to reach your dreams. As well, they motivate and inspire you to keep striving. Most of all they help you to see and realize your own greatness and keep you accountable. What are your goals? When would you like to achieve your goals? How will you achieve your goals? How will your reward yourself after you've achieved your goals?

Step 6

Goals are nothing without a plan. A plan helps you to put your goals into perspective and to see the big picture. Having a plan is what helps you to achieve your goals. It gives you a focused way to move forward.

Without a plan your goals are just ideas. Goals needs a plan. And a plan needs action. You must be willing to do the work. The thing is, goals don't work unless you do. You have a choice you can either build your own dreams or you can build someone else's.

Imagine not relying on anyone else financially (including your job) or living paycheck to paycheck. What would your life be like if you where in control of how you invest your time and the amount of money you could make? What if you could make money above what you currently make and you had more time freedom to do the things you love? Ok don't you think it's time to break up with your breakup? There is a stronger more confident version of yourself waiting to be unleashed.

You are Worthy

Here's the thing, it doesn’t matter how you broke up, why you broke up or who’s to blame for your breakup. Or what you said, or they said. The thing is, it doesn’t matter what happened. None of that matters. I am in no way trying to be insensitive. You get to a point when you realize that you need to stop looking behind you and start looking in front of you.

What really matters is that you are worthy. You are worthy to live the life you’ve always wanted…a life you love. And you are worthy to experience the freedom to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Most of all, you are worthy of standing in your power and walking in your purpose. There should never be any doubt that, you are worthy of a life that excites you beyond your wildest imagination and dreams.

Time to say Breakup Bye!

It begs repeating over and over again, you are worthy of the best that life has to offer, to live the life of your dreams, to have it all. Especially, to be financially and emotionally independent. You are worthy to bank from your breakup. The bottom-line…you are worthy!

Time to let your breakup know who’s in control. Honestly, time to say breakup bye! It's not enough to just say goodbye to your breakup. You need to commit to the process. When you commit to moving on it means that you will do whatever it takes. Regardless if things get tough or challenges arise you will push through and you won't give up. Are you ready? Are you committed? 

I am Ready and Committed

Banking from Breakup is not for everyone. If you are truly ready and committed to break up with your breakup, move on, snatch back your life and get over your ex then its time to take your life to the next level. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to build your dream life. Check out Dr. Tracy Timberlake’s Platform Program. It all starts with a decision. Program enrollment closes in few days and will not open until next year this time. You don't want to miss out. There are only a few spots remaining. Dr. Tracy helped me to leverage my breakup and bank from it. You can do the same. Just think where you are today and where you can be 6 months from today! A lot can change in the next 6 months. I know because it did for me and it can for you too. Remember, YOU ARE WORTHY.  And I think you are worth it...don't you?

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