Taylor Swift should not be the only one banking from breakup!

So you broke up. “You’re asking yourself, now what? What next? What do I do now?”

You feel stuck. You’re struggling to move on from your breakup. In your heart you know it’s over. Am I right? You’re ready to move on. But you just don’t know how or where to start. You don’t know what your next step is.

Sound familiar? Well I know what it is like to be in your shoes. Because I’ve been there.

You’ve invested years into this relationship. You sacrificed so much for this person. Financially and emotionally you’re struggling. You feel like a total failure now that it has ended.You feel small, insignificant and unworthy. You have nothing and you feel like you have lost everything. You feel you’re starting back to zero. You’re fighting the fear of having to start over, not having any support and you’re scared of being alone. It hurts. You feel so lost. But, you don’t want to waste anymore time on someone who does not want you. You know you are worthy of so much more and you deserve to be happy and free to enjoy life.

It took me years to close that chapter in my life. I am embarrassed to say how many years. I should have seen the signs. It was not easy for me to accept the situation for what it was. This is why I became a Banking from Breakup Coach so that you don’t have to suffer and struggle like I did. I made the mistakes so that you don’t have to! I’ve got your back.

So, if you’re looking to move beyond your breakup, then I can help!

If you’re ready to bank from your breakup and get your life back, then this is the right place for you!

Lindy Lewis is the World’s First Banking from Breakup™ Educator, Coach and Expert.

"What would happen if I banked from my breakup? Weird right? I know! But that was the question that marked the start of her Banking From Breakup™ adventure. This experiment became the catalyst for the #BANKINGFROMBREAKUP movement which came about as a result of her own breakup after a long-term “situationship”. Lindy figured what did she have to lose? She could have allowed her breakup to break her. But instead she decided to use it to build her. Lindy felt that she shouldn't leave her breakup empty handed. And she didn’t intend to! Her breakup was a blank check and she had every intention to cash it!

Lindy defines a breakup as anything that servers a long-term friendship, a relationship, a situationship (this one is complicated) or a marriage. Basically, a breakup is where two people part ways either by choice, circumstance or they’ve been ghosted. Ghosted, the person literally vanishes and disappears from your life without a trace, more accurately without the decency of a call. You get the idea.

Lindy decided to take a well needed and earned “manbbatical” (a break from men). She embarked on a year of living manlessly. She needed a serious “he-tox” (a detox from your ex...a cleanse of sorts). She would take this time to reinvent herself, reset and re-prioritize her life. Little did she know that Banking from Breakup was her ticket! 

Lindy’s mission is to inspire millions of women worldwide to “bank from breakup” so they can live a better and bigger life without their ex and have the upper hand in their own life. Because you should never leave a breakup empty handed! Well, quite honestly you should never waste a breakup.

Lindy is the first and only Banking from Breakup™ Educator, Coach & Expert that uses breakups to bank for women READY to move beyond their breakup. As ​

Beyoncé says, “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.”

To be clear Banking from Breakup™ is about:

  • check
    Becoming financially and emotionally independent, stable and secure.
  • check
    Taking 100% responsibility for your life and relying on yourself.
  • check
    Keeping it positive.
  • check
    Focusing on you, your goals, your dreams.
  • check
    Becoming the best version of yourself
  • check
    Realizing that you are meant for more.
  • check
    Creating your own extraordinary life in a way that works for you

Banking from Breakup™ is NOT about:

  • Ex-bashing, name calling or hate of any kind (zero tolerance).
  • Negativity, Judgement, Shaming, Blaming, Revenge, Guilt.
  • Ranting and ruminating about your ex.
  • Woe is me pity party.
  • Whining and obsessing over your ex.
  • Making excuses.
  • Being emotionally caught up with your ex.

Lindy wants to live in a world where breakups don’t break you or define you. Instead they build you and refine you. She believes that your breakup can be an asset that can be used for good.

Lindy is the founder of www.bankingfrombreakup.com. She is the creator of the Banking From Breakup Bootcamp™ and the inspiration behind the Banking from Breakup Mastermind Experience™. She is also the Author of  the Banking from Breakup Starter Kit and Primer™.

Lindy is passionate about the Banking from Breakup™ Movement. She wants change the way women do breakups. She believes that a breakup should not break you. Rather it should build you.

Lindy has spent over 2 decades in the Healthcare Profession and Higher Education. She is an expert and specialist in Curriculum Design and Course Development. She is also a certified Wellness and Lifestyle Management Educator & Trainer.

She found that her passion was teaching, coaching, speaking and writing. Lindy is the creative genius behind Banking from Breakup™ and is changing the way we do breakups.

You are bigger than your breakup and I am here to show you how you can bank from it! So if you are ready to transform your breakup into dollar bills. Then Banking from Breakup™ is for you!

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