Celebrities Who Are Banking from Breakup

Celebrity Breakup Tips
What Do Adele, Taylor Swift, Khloe Kardashian and Mariah Carey all have in common? They’ve all banked from their breakups. Yes that's right. You’re probably thinking, “But I’m not a celebrity.” Hello, neither am I. But the thing is, if celebrities can bank from their breakups, why not you and me. So Lets See How these Celebrities have Banked from Breakup... Adele went on to pen the Grammy winning album 21 after a devastating breakup which sold 17 million copies worldwide. And she continues to kill it album after hit album Khloe Kardashian bounced back with "REVENGE BODY" after her breakup from Lamar Odom. Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian premiered on the E! cable network, on January 12, 2017. It was picked up for a second season April 2017. And is…
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15 Things People Who Bank from Breakup Don’t Do

Banking from Breakup Tips
A Big Part of Banking from Breakup is What You Don't Do People who bank from their breakup make up their minds not to do certain things. These are their non-negotiables. What you don't do makes a huge impact on how you boss your breakup. You can either boss your breakup or let your breakup best you. ​Here are 15 things people who bank from breakups DON'T do: 15. They don't freak out thinking about their ex and what they might be doing and who they're doing it with. What their ex and whom ever they're with is none of their business. Ex...Who? 14. They don't stalk their ex (or the person they cheated with) on social media or anywhere else for that matter. They don't look for ways to…
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The Five Pillars of Banking From Breakup

Banking from Breakup
Show Me the Money! Hold up! Banking from Breakup is about more than just money. Banking from Breakup is a lifestyle that looks at your whole self. When all aspects of your life are in harmony you truly bank from your breakup. Banking from Breakup is about leveraging your breakup and using it to strategically bank from it in 5 core areas of your life. You want to bank spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and of course financially. Never before has there been an approach like Banking from Breakup™. it really is different. It embraces a unique point of view on breakups. It helps you to not just move beyond your breakup, get over your ex but it also helps you to become spiritually fit, emotionally fit, mentally fit, physically fit,…
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The Mindset of People Who Bank from Breakup

The Banking from Breakup MindsetBreakups are hard. They rock us to our core. They turn our lives upside down. They often devastate us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. A major part of banking from breakup is MINDSET.Before you can bank from breakup there are some major keys that are crucial to first understand. Here are the 12 core mindshifts of people who bank from breakup:Mindshift #1 - They have a vision beyond their breakupThey create the highest and grandest vision of their life. This new vision pushes them forward into the best version of themself. They believe they deserve the better, they are worthy of the best and are meant for more. Anything less than the best is not good enough. Mindshift #2 - They believe there is a reason…
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