The Happy Breakup Book Review

Book Review
That Happy Breakup is a Gamechanger! The Happy Breakup is a “must-have, must-read” for anyone who has been through a breakup and wants to find their happy again. Cate Gennaro’s new book “The Happy Breakup” offers powerful strategies to move you beyond your breakup to a place of greater love, joy and happiness. This book is a total gamechanger! In the pages of the book Cate shares her own process for reclaiming her sense of self and finding her happiness. She walks you through the exact steps she took herself through after her own very “rough” breakup. It's possible to have a happy breakup. The thing is a happy breakup doesn't just happen. You must choose to have a happy breakup. Cate gives you the roadmap! The New Breakup Handbook …
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